Curious about the mystical world of voodoo and witchcraft? Then you MUST visit Tumbatu Island, the best-kept secret of the Zanzibar Archipelago.

This beautiful island, the archipelago’s third-largest island, houses a population of 20,000. Famous for witch doctors, the island is isolated from the rest of Zanzibar by reef rocks and corals. The two villages, Jongowe and Gomani, permit no cars and villagers walk on the only road, mainly traveling by boat.

Tumbatu is an archaeological site, dating back to the 11th century. A large number of collapsed stone structures exist, including several mosques. The largest mosque lies near the village of Mkokotoni on Unguja, the main island.

Tumbatu was independent for many centuries and had its own commercial activities, including trade and migration. Production of iron, pottery, and cloth took place and traders brought the ceramics and glass beads found there. Villagers continue trading with neighboring Mkokotoni, which is easily accessible by boat.

Revenue primarily comes from fishing, supplemented with harvesting beans and peas. Women fish with nets and by collecting crabs and clams on the beach.

Tumbatu Island Maganga

Migration contributed to the local skills of black magic. Such magic, based on the movement of sand, includes verses from Quranic and other poetry. Such is the deep religious and spiritual nature of the culture.

During your visit to this mysterious island, you can experience the traditions and cultural activities of voodoo and witchcraft. A witchdoctor will diagnose problems and prescribe remedies. With traditional charms and essences, he will call the voodoo spirits.

Tumbatu Island Maganga

You can only visit this island with permission from the elders of Watumbatu, Tumbatu’s community. Our tour, permission granted, brings you from Nungwi by boat where the “Sheha” (the village elder) welcomes us. The magic man “Mganga” performs the “pururu” ceremony, telling your future in sand and reading your signs. 

Due to their religious beliefs, bathing suits and other beachwear, and sleeveless T-shirts are not allowed. Women should cover their legs and hair with a local Kanga or scarf. Be respectful of the Waumbatu and follow your guide’s instructions.

Shoes and clothing can get wet on the boat. Bring sun protection and a hat or cap. 

You will surely enjoy this unforgettable and authentic experience!



Full-day tour. Approx. 8 hours.

Departure: 9:00 am.

You can choose the tour starting time, we usually recommend 9:00 am.
You may choose a private excursion and the desired time of departure.


Tour Prices:

Leaving from Stone Town:

$100 USD per person (2 person minimum)

3 people 90 USD per person

4 people 80 USD per person

5 people 70 USD per person

6 people 60 USD per person

7-12 people or more 50 USD per person

13 people or more 40 USD per person

Children between 7-18 65 USD per person



  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel
  • Transport waiting charge
  • Experienced professional tour guide
  • All taxes, fuel and service fees included
  • Bottled water
  • Lunch


Not Included:

  • Medical insurance
  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Airport taxes
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Entrance fees


Additional Information:

  • Tour may be operated by a multi-lingual guide
  • Bring your towel, scarf, sunscreen, hat or cap, and your camera