For your next beach vacation, imagine this: an incredibly quiet beach where you can immerse yourself in the local community, learning their culture, livelihoods, and customs.

If you love cultural experiences, plan a visit to Matemwe, home of the longest beaches in Zanzibar. Famous Mnemba Island, with spectacular diving and snorkeling, is just off the coast. Matemwe Beach is a haven, particularly known for its unspoiled white sand beaches, sheltered lagoon, and coral reef. Many fish species can be easily spotted including grouper, snappers, trevallies, trumpetfishes, and anthiases.

A quiet fishing village, the economy here is based on seaweed farming and fishing. Under gently swaying palms lining the lagoon, you can watch the dhows and outriggers come and go as they do their work. 

The slow pace is ideal for people of all ages who want to escape crowds. One of Zanzibar’s most relaxed destinations, it features a picture perfect white sand beach and emerald sea. Locals and travelers alike love the relaxed atmosphere where they can reconnect with nature.

Try the local seafood dishes with fish fresh from the markets. Read a bit while enjoying a drink or take a long walk on the secluded beach.

If you want to escape noisy crowds and have a relaxing vacation by the beach, this is the place to go!