In this agreement the rental/authorized driver [client] must abide by the conditions and terms of Zanzibar Car Rentals and Tours (the company) as below:

The rental client or driver must be an experienced driver with a current license that is valid and endorsed by Zanzibar authorities up to and including the time of hire and therefore the license must bear current endorsements of a minimum of the past two years. International drivers license required or your national drivers license may be endorsed for an extra $20 USD for the process and procedure through the local government authority, Ministry of Transport and Communications office. We will process this for you immediately, this takes about 30 minutes and is valid for 30 days. The licensing process starts immediately after this contract is signed and full payment has been made.


The hirer or driver must be over 18 years of age. The hirer and or driver must also be in possession of an additional proper means of identification, ie: current driver license issued by their country of origin, passport or other legal document.


ALL OUR VEHICLES ARE FULLY INSURED any extras can be provided at additional cost.

Rental car insurance includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Insurance covers but does not include the personal damages incurred by the renter. Personal property is not covered – You must insure this yourself. Also Medical Insurance, Personal Insurance, Travelers Insurance, or any other kind of insurance are not included with the Vehicle Rental.

Personal Insurance. Any of the Insurance Policies can be issued to the Insurance company or Agents if the need arises on the clients request and billing.


All vehicles have just enough fuel at the commencement of the rental period and should be returned in more or less the same state. If you return the vehicle with partial/full tank, you will not be reimbursed for fuel at the end of the period. Rental does not include any fuel allowance unless specifically agreed with us in writing before the commencement of the rental period.


The vehicles must be locked when unattended. The hirer is responsible for the security of the vehicle. It’s YOUR responsibility to make sure the car is parked safely in hotel car parks under watchmen during the night. Most places provide watchmen and car parks. Do notify the watchman on duty (guards) in charge especially for long park stay


To ensure vehicle availability, it is recommended that you book and pay in advance for your vehicle, 100% Cash can be paid immediately upon agreement through our company officers. You can withdraw cash using any ATM point (airport, harbor and bank ATMs) to pay for rental. It’s a policy we use here to ease administrative, banking and management costs. Credit charges charges are 7% as opposed to a smaller percentage for the ATM. This a full price of your reservation should be paid at the time you sign this agreement. On advance notice, you can request to be picked up or dropped off at entry or exit points of the Islands as per our [PICK UP / DROP OFF Airport / Sea Port / Stone Town] area advice. The pickup and drop off is free of charge. Delivery can be made to different resorts and hotels on the island, please ask if there is an additional charge, as distance from Stone Town may apply.


US $30 per day (if required). Drivers allowance(s) & fuel is not included in these rates. Drivers working hours are from 09.00 to 18.00 hrs. There is an overtime charge of US $7 per hour after 18hrs forward. For 24hrs and further on a separate agreement with the Zanzibar Car Rentals and Tours will be necessary.


In the case of extra time the renter will have to pay $7 per hour. The vehicle must be driven only by the renter or authorized driver. No other drivers are permitted. The vehicle must not be driven to the sea shore. The responsibility for security of the vehicle will be that of the renter for the period of the contract. The company can break the contract at any time if it is proved that the renter is not keeping the vehicle in good condition, driving carelessly or has caused other intentional damage.

Any damage caused by carelessness (Under $200) must be paid for by the renter – with the exception of small scratches or stolen power window or broken mirror. In the case of a larger accident or collision the insurance company will pay full amount of the total reparation, from damages $1,000/7,000.

Fuel and driving permit are not included in the price.

Mechanical failure is our responsibility and you will be given a replacement vehicle in the event that your vehicle can not be repaired at the roadside.

*Ensure the vehicle has a spare tire, jack and all safety belts are in good condition, lights-indicators are working and have a license with you at all times when driving as you must show it to the policeman. Take care to drive below 60 km per hour (this is checked by the Policeman on the road. Any faster driven vehicle is fined on the spot and a receipt given to the offender [Must demand receipt as this controls corruption].

In case of any mishap during the contract period, especially due to driving, report immediately to us as well as the police. Be cautious, the roadsides are heavily populated especially in the urban areas, so be careful to avoid children (people) crossing, cattle and chickens and goats.